Little Chloe – Fort Mill Newborn Photography-

Chloe decided to make her appearance into this world a little earlier then her family expected. She was just at 2 weeks old when I met her and still a tiny little peanut. She slept like a champ during our session and looked absolutely adorable the entire time. here’s a peak….


5 thoughts on “Little Chloe – Fort Mill Newborn Photography-

  1. i really like that first basket picture. usually the angle of the basket pictures are kinda weird for me but the composition of this one is great! i think the blanket over the edge and the angle of the photo is what makes it. she sure is sweet looking!

  2. Laura,
    So when do we submit these to her agent? The photography is great!!!
    That is my my first grand daughter and you did her and the family proud.
    I am very happy and thankful that our miracle “Chloe” is here all safe and sound with her Dad and Mom.
    A very proud and blessed Grandpa Larry

    • What a beautiful precious little girl! The photography “is” great!! You can tell Grandpa Larry is indeed proud!

      Great Aunt Karen Tynes

  3. This sweet lil girl is beautiful and MOM & DAD should be very proud…as is gramdpa Larry…and i am for all of them..GREAT AUNTIE B

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