Even superheroes have birthdays!! -behind the lens-

Hello My name is Laura and I’m addicted to birthday parties. You can ask just about anyone that knows me and they will confirm. I go a little over the top when it comes to party planning. I just love it.  This past weekend we celebrated my sons 5th birthday….superhero style. I planned a whole “super hero training academy”. To earn their place in the justice league each child had to complete the training course which consisted of Walking over hot lava, leaping tall buildings in a single bound and rescuing Batman from the evil Mr. Freeze.The kids LOVED it and I actually had a really great time as well. here’s a couple shots from the big day

Each child got their own cape. (super easy to make out of old t shirts, no sewing required)

Cake pops!!!! mmmm mmmmmmmm (my favorite part)

The evil Mr. Freeze froze Batman in a block of ice. The kids had to rescue him with their super squirters. This was by far the favorite activity at the party!

our squirters came in handy for LOTS of other things too!! (really so easy to make and the kids just loved them)

All superheroes must know how to leap tall buildings in a single bound

or at least knock them down!

watch out for the hot lava pit…

all superheroes need to practice their flying skills in the bounce house (and dads too)

my birthday boy!


Thanks for reading friends and sharing in my joy.

12 thoughts on “Even superheroes have birthdays!! -behind the lens-

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    • I got cheap adult T’s at goodwill and all I did was cut the sleeves and the front off so all that was left was the back and the neck. that way they could just slip them over their heads. I did not sew anything. for the lighting bolt I used the left over t shirt portion. I just cut the shape I wanted and ironed on fusing paper. I bought it at the craft store for pretty cheap. my son is still playing with his many months later.

  2. I love these ideas! Batman will be the theme for my son’s 4th birthday. I had wanted to make capes but I just thought they would be too hard but with your idea, I think I can do that! Also, how did you make the super squirters? Thank you for sharing.

    • the squirters were just empty cleaning bottles. I ran them through the dishwasher to make sure they were safe to use. then all I did was print out a super hero picture on my computer and used clear packing tape to tape it on the bottle. This was the kids favorite part and a lot of them took the squirters home with them at the end of the party. My son and neighbor still play with them on hot days. super easy. I froze batman in a tupperware container and then popped out the big block of ice right before the game.

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