100 things that make me happy

A few days ago my infectiously happy friend posted a blog with 100 things that make her happy. You can read it here http://www.iaminfectiouslyhappy.com/.   She challenged everyone that read it to create there own list. I stepped up to this challenge. (it’s tougher then it sounds)  However I had no intention of sharing this list with all of you. It was a very personal thing when I started it. But after reading my friends list and numerous others by people I have never met, I decided to share the love. And I challenge all of you to create your own list. Because it’s not just about listing things that make you happy. Its about taking the time to remember them and smile with each memory. Or in the words of peter pan “remember your happy thoughts”. I’m sure you are going to learn a few things about me after reading this list. You might  see some things that don’t make a lot of sense or you might see some things we have in common.  Just know that I poured my heart out and was 100% real in writing it. This is me. And I hope I can inspire you to find your happy thoughts today.

100 reasons for happiness.

  1. Taking pictures
  2. The sound of the wind blowing through my granddaddy’s pine trees. They really do sound like they are whispering.
  3. Making little kids laugh
  4. The sun shining on my shoulders.
  5. Sitting on the beach.
  6. Listening to my son play.
  7. Slow dances on New Years Eve.
  8. Nail polish, nail polish and more nail polish
  9. Junking with my best friend.

10. My orange camera bag

11. Encouraging other moms

12. Making my husband laugh his “real” laugh

13. Singing worship songs

14. Taking old furniture and making it new again.

15. Airports, I don’t care where I’m going just the whole experience of going to the airport and passing other people who are on their own adventures.

16. Taking walks.

17. Looking at my website and remembering all the beautiful babies I’ve been able to photograph.

18. My prayer time.

19. Helping other people organize.

20. Summer nights

21. The way the tree in my yard looks when it is full of pink flowers against my green   house.

22. The color green.

23. Going through other peoples junk and finding my own treasure.

24. Planning a birthday party or any kind of party for that matter.

25. Swimming

26. Birthday beach bash with my husband

27. Finding something awesome at a thrift store.

28. Really good food.

29. Art (of all kinds)

30. Surprise gifts.

31. Riding in the car with the windows down.

32. Spontaneous family dance parties.

33. Making someone else feel better.

34. The way the wind blows on the beach

35. Mix matched patterns

36. Vintage costume jewelry.

37. The smell of newborn diapers fresh out of the package.

38. Cuddling brand new babies to sleep.

39. Making my son laugh hysterically.

40. Golf cart rides in the summer

41. My shelf that holds my “small things” collection.

42. All of my random collections

43. Anything DIY

44. Winning at the beach baseball game!!!

45. Fresh flower bouquets.

46. Dates in the middle of the day.

47. Anne of Green Gables

48. Listening to john Denver in the house with the windows open

49. New Fossil purses

50. Finding things I need on clearance

51. Smiles from strangers

52. Cupcakes

53. Using my wedding china

54. All things harry potter

55. A really good book

56. Fun socks

57. Snow ball bushes

58. Diamonds and all things sparkly

59. Old black and white photos

60. Cotton candy

61. Randomly wearing my wedding veil around the house.

62. Carolina blue sky’s

63. Dia de los muertos

64. Redneck valentines date

65. Eric’s blue eyes

66. Gardening

67. Finding cool props for free!

68. Gnomes

69. Hand written thank you notes

70. Sitting by the pool playing gin.

71. Diet coke in a cup with ice and a straw

72. Baby announcements

73. Metrolina expo

74. Laughing

75. Being outside

76. Carolina beach music

77. Shag

78. Solving a problem

79. Antique stores

80. The Muppets

81. Charleston with my love

82. Pistachio frozen yogurt

83. Dreams about my granddaddy

84. The smell of tea tree shampoo

85. Figuring out a way to make something that I saw in  a store

86. Mary jo’s fabric store

87. My grandma’s rose’s

88. William Holden

89. Listening to Emory’s prayers.

90. Taking the back roads to myrtle beach

91. Endless summer fun days

92. Front porch’s

93. My friends

94. Getting letters in the mail

95. A comfy bed

96. Kisses on the cheek

97. Adventura Spa Palace

98. Holding hands

99. Redecorating

100. family adventure’s

Thanks for taking the time to read this friends. and if you decide to make your own list I encourage you to share it with someone.


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