Beautiful Nora

Here is a peek at the beautiful Miss. Nora. She was an absolute dream to photograph and slept the entire time. I don’t think she made a single peep. Isn’t she just the cutest? IMGP2926aweb IMGP2941aweb IMGP3017bweb IMGP3066weba


One is Fun -Charlotte Children’s Photography-

My blog has been so neglected over these past few months but I could not let this one go unshared. Sweet Sydney turned one and couldn’t have been happier about it! I have been photographing her from about 1 week old and she has definitely stolen my heart. Here is just a small sample of her cuteness. Enjoy and smile on.

IMGP7594bwweb IMGP7664web IMGP7741aweb IMGP7939aweb IMGP7993aweb

Prince Palmer has arrived.

I dont think I can express in this blog just how this child made me feel. It’s as if he was created from so much love and joy that it is now somehow overflowing from him. You can’t help but feel it  for your self whenever he is in your arms. I have known his mama sense the first day of kindergarten. (I have photographic proof of this) and I really don’t feel like we are old enough to be “Adults” with real jobs much less having babies of our own but somehow it happened. Palmer has made his way into this world and it is a greater place because of it. Here is just a small peek at the beautiful images were were bale to capture the day of his shoot. I hope they bring you as much happiness as they have me.